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CBI surprised: How Haryanvis topped in Tamil Language Paper in Competitive Exam


North Indians even outscored local Tamil Candidates.

Competitive Exam
Competitive Exam

The CBI (Central Bureau of Investigation) initiated a probe into an alleged scam in a recruitment examination conducted on Tuesday by Tamil Nadu Postal Circle to hire candidates for Mail Guard & Postman positions.

The agency conducted searches in several parts of Haryana. Express 1st exposed how come students from North India who could barely speak Tamil topped the Tamil language paper in the exam.

The Local candidates, who’re disappointed by the results, welcomed this CBI probe.

They also urged the govt. to implement fool-proof systems to prevent such malpractices in the competitive exams.

An engineering graduate, R Madan, had been preparing for the competitive exams for 1 year. He says  that “The educational requirement for Mail Guard and Postman positions was only Class 10, though I am overqualified, I appeared for this exam due to lack of employment opportunities, several youngsters taking such exams are over-qualified like me.”

“Such malpractice shatter dreams of aspirants like me & snatch away our employment opportunities” says R. Madan.

R. Karuppasamy, another youngster who took this exam is happy to know about CBI probe. He said, “While several people get these sort of govt. jobs using money, youngsters from economically weaker section work hard to get these jobs. Justice has been rendered for those who wrote the postal recruitment exam, but steps should be taken to prevent such malpractice.”

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