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Courts attaches SHO’s Salary for delaying filing of Status Reports in Criminal Case

October 10,2017:

Delhi High Court had been issuing warnings to Police officials to adhere to the deadlines given by the Courts.

Lazy Police
Lazy Police                                                                                 Pic by indiatimes

Taking a tough stand on the Delhi Police officials who do not file the status reports of cases on time, trial courts of National capital have now started imposing fines on those responsible.

This will be deducted directly from their salaries.

Step was taken after Delhi HC reviewed reasons for pendency in the trial courts.

It found that due to indiscipline prevalent among Police, no case is meeting the deadline.

Earlier, Dwarka Court in New Delhi had imposed a fine of Rs 5,000 on the SHO (Station House Officer).

It was further directed that the fine to be deducted from his salary so that Police Official too can ‘feel the pain’ of the cost imposed.

Court was hearing an accident case wherein victim was seeking compensation. But No Status Report had been filed by Investigating Officer in the year-old case.

Salary cut will be indicated in service record of police officer. If this act is repeated a number of times then strict action would be taken.


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