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High Court expounds that the cow was “sacred national wealth“ and a “substitute to the mother and god“


HC added that Emperor Babar saw wisdom of prohibiting slaughter of cows as a religious sacrifice, and directed his son Humayun to follow the example.

Cow Slaughter
Cow Slaughter
On Friday, Hyderabad HC Judge expounded that cow was the “sacred national wealth“ and a “substitute to mother and god“.
The observation have come days after Rajasthan HC judge had stated that cow should be declared as the national animal.Cattle Trader Ramavath Hanuma had moved HC after a trial court in the Nalgonda rejected his petition seeking custody of 63 cows seized from him.

The cattle were seized from Kanchanapalli village, where Hanuma had insisted that he had taken them for grazing. Prosecution had alleged that the Hanuma, along with the fellow suspects, had bought cattle from the farmers for slaughter so that the cow meat could be distributed during the Bakr-id.

While dismissing Hanuma’s plea, Justice B Siva Sankara Rao, quoting SC order, said that it was a settled legal position that the Muslims had no fundamental right to insist on slaughter of the healthy cows on the Bakr-id.

The judge has also directed that the veterinary doctors in the Telangana and the Andhra Pradesh who sent the healthy cows to the slaughterhouses by fraudulently certifying that they were unfit to give milk should be punished under AP Cow Slaughter Act, 1977.

In Andhra and Telangana, slaughter of the cows is allowed if they are certified as old and unproductive. He also directed that Act be amended to make the offences listed in law non-bailable and cognisable.

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