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India has opposed UN Resolution for complete Worldwide moratorium on Death Penalty


Death Penalty
Death Penalty

Last 12 years saw India carrying out only three executions and that too of hardcore Terrorists.

India has opposed the UN resolution calling for a moratorium on the death penalty, by stating that it goes against the Indian law and Sovereign Right of the countries to determine their own laws and the penalties.

Mayank Joshi, Counsellor at India’s UN Mission stated that,”The resolution before us sought to promote a moratorium on the executions with a view to abolish death penalty”.  He further added that, “My delegation, has voted against the resolution it as a whole goes against the Indian statutory law.”

Resolution,was however adopted by General Assembly’s Committee dealing with the humanitarian affairs by 115 votes to 38 with 31 abstentions after a lengthy debate.

Mayank Joshi added that, “In India, death penalty is exercised in ‘rarest of rare’ cases, where crime committed is so heinous as to shock the conscience of the society.”

In last 12 years, in a nation of 1.2 Billion people only three individuals have been executed, all of whom were terrorists – have been carried out in the nation of 1.2 billion.

United States also opposed the resolution stating that the capital punishment was legal under the International Law and dealing with it was absolutely a domestic matter.

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