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Indian Origin Sikh Lawyer heads major Political Party, aims to be Prime Minister of Canada

October 3,2017:

He officially launching his campaign ”to be the next Prime Minister of Canada”.

Jagmeet Singh, a Canadian Sikh lawyer
Jagmeet Singh, a Canadian Sikh lawyer

On Monday, Jagmeet Singh, a 38-year-old Sikh lawyer, became First Non-White politician to head a major political party in Canada.

He was elected as the leader of the country’s New Democratic Party (NDP) to lead it into 2019 election against PM Justin Trudeau’s Liberals.

Born in 1979 in Scarborough, Ontario, to immigrant parents from Punjab, Singh obtained Bachelor of the Science Degree in Biology from University of Western Ontario in 2001 and a Bachelor of Laws degree from York University’s Osgoode Hall Law School in the year 2005.

His first tryst with the politics was during his law school days, when he campaigned against the rising tuition fees.

He was called to bar in 2006, where he began working as the Criminal Defence Lawyer in Greater Toronto Area.

Singh has often spoken about being bullied and targeted for his “funny sounding name, brown skin, and long hair”.

Jagmeet spent years defending the refugees and the immigrants, and entered politics in 2011 by running as an MPP with NDP in Bramalea-Gore-Malton, Ontario. He has served as the Deputy Leader of the Ontario NDP.

In September,2017 Singh gained global attention after a video from his campaign event, ‘Jagmeet and Greet’, went viral on the social media.

Video showed a woman heckling Singh about Muslim brotherhood and Sharia law, after interrupting his speech.

Singh ignored her racial comments hurled at him and tried to diffuse situation stating that, “We are not going to be intimidated by the hatred.”

He countered the woman with his campaign motto of the ‘love and the courage’.

In an interview with the American magazine GQ in February,2017 Singh elaborated on how his personal style, his colourful turbans and the tailor-made three-piece suits became a part of his political brand.


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