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Modi Govt’s barb for Babus: Two Senior IPS officers compulsorily retired for poor performance


Compulsory Retirement Orders
Compulsory Retirement Orders

They were given Three months salary along with marching orders.

In a stern & rare message to bureaucrats who fail to perform adequately well in their careers, the govt. has compulsorily retired 2 IPS officers on the basis of a performance review required to be held at the end of 15 & 25 years of service under All-India service rules.

The 2 IPS officers- Raj Kumar Devangan, 1992 batch of Chhattisgarh cadre & Mayank Sheel Chohan, 1998 batch of AGMU cadre, were found to have inadequate performance by the concerned state cadre on the basis of their service records, ACRs & assessment of their seniors.

The home ministry, which is the cadre-controlling authority of the IPS officers, approved recommendation of the respective state cadres to compulsorily retire them from their service “in public interest”.

A notice has been served to them & as per rules they were given 3 months salary along with retirement orders duly approved by A.C.C. (appointments committee of Cabinet).”

This is a rare move, last time an IPS officer was ‘compulsory retired’ was nearly fifteen years ago.

An officer explained that technically it isn’t a punishment but an action taken to remove officers seen as deadwood by their cadres and the Centre for not being serious in discharging their duties. The compulsorily retired officers gets all the post-retirement benefits.

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