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Pakistan Government Website got hacked, hackers post Indian National Anthem

August 4,2017:

The Greetings’ headline read as,”15 August, Happy Independence Day”.


Pakistan Government website was today reportedly hacked briefly by the Unknown JHackers who posted Indian National anthem and the Independence Day greetings on web page.

The Website pakistan.gov.pk at around 1500 hours IST displayed the message showing that,”Hacked by the Ne0-h4ck3r”.

Hackers posted Ashoka Chakra in Tricolour, along with the Indian Independence Day message.

Message posted thereafter read “Freedom in Mind, Faith in words…Pride in our Souls…Let’s salute those great men, who made this possible”.

Message was followed by the Indian National Anthem “Jana gana Mana…”.

There was no official response from Foreign Office in the Islamabad and Pakistan High Commission in New Delhi.

Incident comes almost three months after the official websites of the four premier educational institutions Delhi University (DU), the Aligarh Muslim University, IIT-Delhi and the IIT-BHU were hacked in April,2017.

Official websites of four institutes had slogans such as the “Pakistan Zindabad” displayed on them. Hacker group, which identified itself as “PHC”, had stated that, “Nothing deleted or stolen. Just here to deliver my message to the Indians.

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