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Russian lawmakers decriminalize some Domestic Violence while 9,000 Women loose Life to DV each Year


Domestic Violence
Domestic Violence

40% of all reported Crime in Russia happen in Domestic environment.

Soon it would no longer be a crime in Russia to beat the family members as long as you don’t cause them bodily harm.

Lower House of Russian parliament has gave final approval to the Bill decriminalizing some forms of the Domestic Violence, a move that has sparked intense public debate.

State Duma voted 380-3 today to eliminate the criminal liability for battery on the family members that doesn’t cause bodily harm, making it punishable instead by a fine or a 15-day arrest.

The Bill needs to be approved by largely rubber-stamp upper chamber and signed by the President Vladimir Putin, who has already signaled his support.

The Bill has been critisized on the basis that it could sow impunity for those who beat up their wives and children, but its supporters have also argued that it retains criminal responsibility for the repeat offenders.

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