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SC: Foreign Countries who haven’t handed over Criminals should not take India’s generosity for granted

January, 14 2017:

Supreme Court of India
Supreme Court of India

No generosity to those who don’t respect our laws, says SC.

Supreme Court expounded that Country’s “magnanimity and generosity” should not be taken for granted by world and that everyone must show reverence to laws here.

Apex Court Bench led by the CJI J S Khehar enunciated that Foreign Nationals are welcomed by this country “with arms wide open” but there was no way they could disrespect laws and still be treated with same generosity.

Apex Court Bench comprising of CJI and Justice Chandrachud was hearing a petition filed by Mr. Amir Ahmed Khmes and his Brother, both of them Sudanese nationals, who were allowed by Indian Government to study in a college at Bengaluru after they sought refugee status.

The two reportedly had to flee from Sudan after their family members were killed in internal strife there. While their applications for refugee status was pending before United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), Indian Government granted them visa to study here.

But the Brothers left Bengaluru without informing authorities and came to Delhi. One of them even went to Sudan for about three months and  then came back which was in Breach of the undertakings they had given to Ministry of the External Affairs.

Subsequently, Duo were then lodged at a Detention Centre in National Capital for deportation back to Sudan.


Apex Court pointed out that two left their studies midway and then came to Delhi without bothering to inform any authorities so “Why should you argue for showing generosity to them when they don’t respect our laws?. The Court asked Senior Advocate Colin Gonsalves.

“They will go straight to the jail for all these infractions”, Apex Court added.

Supreme Court has asked ASG to verify and adduce correct factual position regarding the matter, which would now be heard on the January 20,2017.

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