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A School in Dry State Bihar found stocking Rs.15 Lakhs Liquor as 65% Students Failed Exams


The seized liquor bottles were found concealed in bags meant for stocking fodder.

The liquor bottles were found concealed.
Bottles were found concealed              Pic by TelegraphIndia.com

Liquor stock worth about Rs 15 lakh was recovered from premises of private school in Narkatiaganj sub-division in the West Champaran District of North Bihar, making it biggest seizure from an educational institution in ‘dry’ state.

West Champaran Police raiding party, led by the DSP Aman Kumar found about 249 cartons of Indian Made Foreign Liquor (IMFL), on premises of the OVS International School, at the Banswaria village in Parautola Panchayat, about 18 km south of the Narkatiaganj town and 280 km north-west of the State Capital, Patna.

Police have arrested four persons and seized the Haryana number plate truck, the Mahindra Scorpio MUVs, two Mahindra Bolero vehicles and jeep from the premises.

Earlier, 12 bottles of the IMFL were found at Government Primary School in the South Bihar’s Gaya district, in March,2017.

Consumption, sale or possession of the alcohol attracts stringent punishment, including a jail term of up to 10 years, in the State of Bihar, in which total prohibition is in force since the April 5, 2016.


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