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Supreme Court: People have a Fundamental Right to Run, Pollution is no impediment


Judicial Process can not be allowed to be used to stop a Marathon.

Delhi Marathon
Delhi Marathon

Supreme Court has said that People in the City of Delhi have a Fundamental Right to run.

While dismissing a PIL which aired Delhi’s polluted air to seek postponment of the Airtel Delhi Half Marathon scheduled to be held on Sunday, these observations were made by SC.

Petitioners Jai Dhar Gupta, an environmentalist and marathon runner apprised the bench of Chief Justice T S Thakur and Justice A R Dave that thesse days Delhi’s ambient air quality is a health risk for all the Marathon Runners.

Petition said that there is a huge amount of carcinogenic particulate matter floating in the air in Delhi and a runner would end up inhaling these invisible particles during the two-hour Marathon run.

Petition  pleaded the court to direct for postponment of the event till the ambient air quality improved and reaches an acceptable standard.

The SC bench however ruled none should use judicial proceedings to stop an event like Marathon. If some one is so keen, it should start an awareness drive about Pollution and dissuade people from running.

Apex Court Bench further ruled that people have a fundamental right to run.

Apex Court made an observation that if we start intervening like this, tomorrow, you will ask the Courts to stop people from walking on the street just because of air pollution.

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