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Supreme People’s Court in China finds man executed 21 years ago innocent



China has a conviction rate of 99.92% as compared to 45% in India.

Supreme People’s Court in China cleared a man who was executed 21 years ago for murder after more than a decade after another man confessed to the killing . This has become one of the latest instance of miscarriage of justice in the Communist-Ruled country.

Nie Shubin was 20 years old when he faced the firing squad in the year 1995, two days after being convicted on charges of rape and murder.

Chinese Courts have a conviction rate of about 99.92 percent, and concerns over the wrongful verdicts are fuelled by reliance of Police on forced confessions and the lack of effective defence in the criminal trials.

Overseas Rights groups states that China executes more people than any other country, but Beijing does not give the figures on the death penalty, as the statistics are State Secrets.

Supreme Court stated that, “The time, method and the motive for the murder could not be confirmed, as the key documents relating to the witnesses and the defendant’s testimony were missing”.

His mother, Zhang Huanzhi, 72, on social media said,”Thanks to all those who helped on Nie Shubin’s case!”.




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